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Pioneering medical treatment has significant environmental benefits

A revolutionary carbon dioxide treatment which could transform the lives of people with diabetes is also playing its part in tackling the climate crisis.

D’OXYVA has proven to be effective in improving blood circulation, which heals diabetic foot ulcers and other serious wounds more quickly, reduces the need for amputations…

Groundbreaking partnership points the way in England

How the SNRG SmartGrid woks

Plans for a ‘next generation’ net zero carbon housing and business development in south-east England are being finalised through a partnership between SNRG and Quinn Estates.

The ground-breaking proposals were announced as SNRG attended the COP26 climate summit to outline its plans to reduce the risk, cost and complexity for…

Scandinavian company opts out of retail’s craziest day

Canva Pro

Black Friday is bad for the environment, So Scandinavian Biolabs is changing the colour of the retail event to green for 2021.

There will be no discounts offered by the Danish company, which sells hair growth products using 100% vegan, naturally-derived and non-toxic ingredients.

Instead, they will help to preserve…

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