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  • Nicky Dee

    Nicky Dee

    Intentionally lost in the (meta) Verse and loving it

  • Victoria Kurichenko

    Victoria Kurichenko

    Ukrainian in Budapest. Self-made marketer & content writer. Writing daily. Creating SEO-friendly content for 3 years. My site: https://selfmademillennials.com

  • Amy Shearn

    Amy Shearn

    Creator Success @ Medium // Editor of Human Parts & Creators Hub // Novelist // Person

  • Harry Seitz

    Harry Seitz

    Writer and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.

  • Andrea O'Ferrall

    Andrea O'Ferrall

    I quit my elementary school teaching job to become a full-time climate activist. Writing, organizing, educating, protesting, and persisting.

  • Dr. Stephen Leeb, PhD

    Dr. Stephen Leeb, PhD

    World Renowned Economist, Finance Expert, Money Manager, Research Chairman of Leeb Capital Management, The Complete Investor & Real World Investing, Author.

  • Russ Linton

    Russ Linton

    Nomad, science fiction author, former cryptocurrency miner, trailblazer. Find out more at https://www.russlinton.com

  • Craig Axford

    Craig Axford

    After more than 10 years in Canada, now living my love of the desert in Moab, Utah. I enjoy writing, painting, hiking & nature generally. Motto: stay curious.

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